In these pages you will find the most current information about this local gathering of Christians. Our style is casual but our passion is to help people experience the hope that following Jesus Christ can bring to every human life. We hope that you'll find what you're looking for here.

You are welcome to join us when we gather for worship and teaching on Sundays. We meet at 10:30 a.m. at L'École St. Gerard (St. Gerard's Elementary School) 1204, 96th Avenue S.W. in Calgary.

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HFL is equipped to receive donations via e-transfer, cheque, and cash. To use cheque or cash, bring the money to a service Sunday morning and deposit it in the offering box at the back. Make sure that your name is on it so we can issue you a tax receipt at the end of the year.

E-Transfer Directions:

  1. Go to your online banking website.
  2. Click the INTERAC e-Transfer button.
  3. Add the HFL donations email account [ donations@hflchurch.ca ] as a "recipient" for your future email donations. Then select this HFL donations email account as the recipient for your online donation.
  4. FYI: for security reasons, the HFL donations email account is automatically re-directed to both the HFL Accountant (Eunice Porter) and the HFL Treasurer (Jon Johnson). The HFL Accountant will process your donation into the right HFL bank account funds. The HFL Treasurer will double-check the donations, month by month.
  5. In the Message to the Recipient box, you can identify how much of your donation is for the General Fund account, how much is for the Benevolent Fund, or for any other special HFL Fund. Note: essentially these are your instructions to the HFL Accountant for processing your email donation.
  6. In the Amount box, insert the amount of your email donation to HFL.
  7. You will next be asked to create/select a (a) security question and (b) the answer to this security question that will permit the recipient (HFL Accountant) to receive and process your email donation to HFL.
  8. Next you will be shown a screen that provides the button to Send Money.
  9. Next you will need to send a separate email to the HFL Accountant (currently Eunice Porter: eunique@telus.net ) for internal control/security reasons. This email is to also required to provide the answer to the security question you set up above. This email can also identify any allocation of your donation between HFL funds, such as General Fund, Benevolent Fund, etc. If there is no statement as to the allocation of these funds, they will all be put into the General Fund.
  10. Once the HFL Accountant receives the second email, with the answer to the security question, your donation will be processed. Note that for internal control purposes, the HFL Accountant must receive the second email from you, even if she already knows the answer to your security question.
  11. You should receive email confirmation from your bank, once the donation has gone through, that the email transfer is now complete.

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Mailing Address: 608-86th Ave. S.W. Calgary, AB, T2V 0V9
Telephone: (403) 255-6110